3 Rules to Help You With Compound Possession

How do you show possession to more than one noun? For example, would you say, “Tom and Jerry’s TV show” and “Ryan and my anniversary”? This troublesome construction is called “compound possession” or “joint possession.” Read on for rules on how to use it correctly.

Comma Controversies

If a sentence begins with the word “so,” should a comma follow it? Believe it or not, we grammar nerds have controversies, and this is one of them. Some experts say we should never begin a sentence with the word “so” in the first place, so the comma issue is moot. Other grammarians think thatContinue reading “Comma Controversies”

Is the Oxford Comma Really Necessary?

In these divided times, controversies abound. Politics, religion, lifestyle, and other issues are but trivial compared to the true quandary of our day: Is the Oxford comma necessary? For those who haven’t been paying attention, the Oxford comma is the last comma before the conjunction in a list. For example, in the sentence “The newContinue reading “Is the Oxford Comma Really Necessary?”

Why Do We Have Grammar Rules?

If we don’t have an academy to regulate the English language, why are there even grammar rules? The best answer I have found is that language’s only purpose is to communicate clearly and effectively with others. One way to be clear is to use mutually-agreed upon conventions. Yoda may be able to get away withContinue reading “Why Do We Have Grammar Rules?”