Comma Controversies

If a sentence begins with the word “so,” should a comma follow it? Believe it or not, we grammar nerds have controversies, and this is one of them. Some experts say we should never begin a sentence with the word “so” in the first place, so the comma issue is moot. Other grammarians think thatContinue reading “Comma Controversies”

“Time Outs” or “Times Out”? A Classic Grammar Debate

If your sister has a husband, he is your brother-in-law. If two or more of your sisters have husbands, they are your brothers-in-law. This is an unusual example in English in which the adjective goes after the noun it modifies. We make the first word of the phrase plural since it is the noun. Similarly,Continue reading ““Time Outs” or “Times Out”? A Classic Grammar Debate”