Ghost Words

Ghost Words

In 1886, a lexicographer named Walter Skeat first used the phrase “ghost words” to describe words that he said had “no real existence.” In other words, ghost words are words that weren’t real to begin with—they made it into the dictionary because of an error or misunderstanding.

compound possession

3 Rules to Help You With Compound Possession

How do you show possession to more than one noun? For example, would you say, “Tom and Jerry’s TV show” and “Ryan and my anniversary”? This troublesome construction is called “compound possession” or “joint possession.” Read on for rules on how to use it correctly.

books spooky places

A Literary Tour to the Spookiest Destinations on Earth

Whenever my friends and I plan a trip, we always search for something spooky to do—from ghost tours to haunted trails. And for connoisseurs of all things scary like us, Halloween is the best time of the year for creepy vacations, and we have gotten plenty of ideas from the horror genre. Now, we here at Off the Shelf have created a list of books that will give you plenty of ideas for your next spooky vacation, from pastoral New England to the jungles of Mexico and beyond.


Organization: Improve Your Writing

Every piece of writing needs to have a logical, consistent organizational pattern. Ideas flow when a piece of writing is well structured. Effective organization helps the reader understand your ideas.


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