How To Get a Cat out of a Tree, Part 2

Since our first adventure with a cat in a tree, Feé has gotten stranded in trees a few more times. However, the experiences were short-lived until the following summer. One day, Feé begged me to go outside to play, so I let her out. Of course, I gave her a lecture about trees before she left. But just like many teenagers, she quickly forgot my admonitions. Just after supper, we realized the Feé had not yet come in, and we went out to check on her. I heard her meowing in the distance. I plowed my way through the stickers and poison ivy to find which tree she was in this time. WAY out in the woods, I finally found her–surely 40 feet up a straight-up-and-down, no-branches tree–crying pitifully. We talked for a while (I didn’t cuss her much), but Feé wanted someone to come up and bring her down.

Still up there

Craning my neck straight up for so long gave me a headache, and it eventually got dark. I decided that Feé would come down on her own and went inside. She is now Robbie’s cat, and he went out several times through the early morning hours to try to talk her down, but with no luck.

That morning a storm blew through, and I was sure it would bring her scurrying in. She was still up in the tree when we got home from school, though. No amount of persuasion would get Feé to climb down, so we did what any reasonable people would do: Chris got his chainsaw and cut the tree down. Yep, it worked. Scared the heck out of the cat, but by golly, she got out of that tree. After our serious talk, Feé understands that the only way she will ever go out to play again will be on a cat leash.

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